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The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者

The Disguiser Description:

The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者 Episodes has been Released in HD Video.

Set in the Japanese occupation era, the rich yet naive young master MingTai is trained to become an agent, and is later sent to become an underground spy for the Communists. Together with his brother and doubleagent Ming Lou, they try and bring down Wang Wei’s Kuomintang Secret Service Headquarters.

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Genre:Action, Romance
Release Date:31 August 2015
Cast:Hu Ge

The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者 All Episode Available

The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者 Episode 38 Full HD Video   play_button
The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者 Episode 26 Full HD Video   play_button
The Disguiser (Cantonese) – 偽裝者 Episode 10 Full HD Video   play_button





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