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Blow Breeze – 불어라 미풍아

Blow BreezeDescription:

Blow Breeze – 불어라 미풍아 Episodes has been Released in HD Video.

This drama is about the happenings that occur when one day a lonely old man on death’s door discovers that he has a grandchild. The dying old man has assets with a combined worth of 100 million dollars.

Production company(s):DK E&M

Watch online (Chinese Subtitles)

Watch online (English Subtitles)
Release Date:30 October 2016
Release Date:27 August 2016
Cast:Son Ho Joon, Im Ji Yun, Han Joo Wan, Oh Ji Eun

Blow Breeze – 불어라 미풍아 All Episode Available

Blow Breeze – 불어라 미풍아 Episode 40 Full HD Video  play_button
Blow Breeze – 불어라 미풍아 Episode 37 Full HD Video  play_button





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